Presidential Preference Results for July

July Results: Cruz 30%; Walker 25%; others at or below 10%Once again at our monthly meeting, held on the second Saturday on the month in Amherst, the attendees took a Presidential Preference Survey designed and distributed by Ohio Conservatives United. The survey asks 1) to rank your candidate preferences at the current time from 1-5; 2) whether or not you would consider voting for a candidate who a consensus of Ohio conservatives are backing, even if that person is not your Number 1 choice, and 3) political affiliation and whether you would consider pulling a Republican ballot in the March 15 primary. Illustrated on the graph is a representation of the July group’s Number 1 picks.

While the June group had a Walker-Cruz-Rubio grouping at the top, July shows that Cruz and Walker receive just over half of the Number 1 votes. For liberty-minded individuals, these two have a lot to offer the conservative movement. Ted Cruz is probably the most ideologically articulate of the candidates and even Alan Dershowitz, his Harvard Law professor, said Cruz was one of the best debaters he had ever taught. Scott Walker has proven that he can win in a Democrat state and survive the hostility of the unions and others on the left, and he has done so while maintaining a positive attitude and outlook. Now of course, perfection is a difficult hurdle to jump, and neither Cruz (with his vote for the Corker amendment allowing the Iran deal to move as it has) nor Walker (with his support for amnesty followed by a convenient flip-flop) are perfect, but these two clearly understand the principles important to grassroot conservatives. Continue reading

Speech & Assembly

first amendment flag“We have strayed greatly from the founders’ intention” said Tim Spickler at last Thursday’s TEA Talk about the freedom of speech and right to assemble.  It is important to study what was going on at the time when the framers put the freedom of speech and the right to assemble into the Constitution as part of the Bill of Rights.

Note that these “rights” were not originally part of the Constitution but the anti-Federalists threatened that they would not ratify the Constitution unless they were included.  December 15, 1791, was when the Bill of Rights were officially ratified and added to the Constitution.  They were intended to clarify rights that were not mentioned in the body of the Constitution.

“When they [first amendment rights] were written, were these rights designed to protect someone who burned the flag, for example?”  Continue reading

Lawlessness, Lies, and Delusions

Kafka's Metamorphisis“‘What’s happened to me?’ he thought. It was no dream.” In Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” the main character wakes to find himself transformed into an insect and now cannot rationally interact with the world he once knew. On Saturday, June 13, Peter Kirsanow said that he feels the same way, except that HE is fine and the nature of those in power are unrecognizable. Kirsanow has served in Washington for almost twenty years as a member of the National Labor Relations Board and currently as a member of the US Civil Rights Commission, and he described the complete sense of disconnect between the people in Washington and everyday Americans. (Download the audio of his speech here.)


Richard Nixon is recognized by many Americans as one of the most lawless presidents in American history. Among his charges for impeachment were that he “endeavored to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service… confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause… income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.” (In fact the entire articles of impeachment can be found here, and they are quite a read!) Well, if lawlessness actually occurs but no media is there to cover it, does it matter?

Under President Barack Obama, the IRS did in fact conduct themselves in an unlawful and discriminatory manner by scrutinizing conservative and tea party groups more closely and unfairly than they treated other groups. The news of this abusive targeting first came to light when Lois Lerner herself ADMITTED as much in May, 2013 (story from The Hill). The IRS claims that it was not political and was an honest error in judgement. The IRS also claims that Lerner’s hard drive crashed along with those of other employees, and that her emails were simply lost and could never be found. Anybody who has served on a jury knows per instructions from the judge, that if one part of a witness’s testimony is proven to be a lie then we may consider the rest of the testimony to be a lie if we choose. Well Lerner’s emails have NOT all been lost, and conservatives should have no trust whatsoever in any claims coming from the IRS on this matter. Continue reading

Presidential Preference Results for June

Lorain_Jun13_OCUIn our monthly meeting last Saturday, attendees participated in a presidential preference survey designed and calculated by Ohio Conservatives United. We have written about this group in an earlier post, and in short, its goal is to create a conversation between ALL tea party, 9/12, and other liberty groups across Ohio to hopefully develop a consensus candidate. The group’s motto: “If Ohio conservatives unite, we win. If we split and fragment our vote, the establishment Republican wins.”

In our Totally Engaged Americans of Lorain County group, we took the survey and the results are described above. Gov. Scott Walker had the most top votes with about 26%, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz at 22% and Sen. Marco Rubio at 19%. These three candidates comprise two-thirds of the number one choices. At the bottom third were Gov. Jeb Bush and Dr. Ben Carson at 11% and Sens. Rand Paul and Rick Santorum and Gov. Mike Huckabee at 4%.

Now with such a modestly-sized group as we are, just a handful of people who choose to attend or not attend a particular meeting will sway the results on the margins. But this survey will be taken throughout the year, so everybody who wants to participate will be given their opportunity.

Results from other Ohio groups show a very strong preference for Ted Cruz. In fact from what I can find thus far, Cruz has won every presidential preference survey except for three: one group picked Paul, one picked Carson, and in Lorain County, we gave Walker the win.  Continue reading

Lorain County TEA in the News

ObamaCare-Congress_0Thanks to everybody who came out on Wednesday, June 17, at noon in front of Lorain City Hall to protest the unfair congressional exemption from Obamacare, and thanks to the Morning Journal for its coverage. (Link to the story here.) Lorain City Hall is where both Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Marcy Kaptur have offices, and we were able to give them letters describing their prejudicial treatment for themselves and then encouraging them to co-sponsor S16 and HR 1953, which will compel Congress to be honest in following the law.

Below are some sample letters as well as a handout providing an overview of the issue at hand:
Handout for June 17 rally – Obamace Exemption June 17 handout_rtf
Sample letter to the House – ACA-Ltr to Representative End Congressional Subsidies ECK Version
Sample letter to the Senate – ACA-Ltr to Senators End Congressional Subsidies ECK Version

Of the many promises made during the argument for Obamacare, one included the promise that Congress and their staff would live under the rules just like everybody else. If you remember, those who were self-employed or who bought their own insurance were the first required to comply with the Affordable Care Act. By the time small and large businesses were required to find ACA-compliant coverage, many organizations got scared but only those in Washington could write themselves a rule to avoid Obamacare’s full cost. Continue reading

End Congress’s Exemption From Obamacare

exempt_americaLocal activists in Lorain County are calling on citizens to rally outside the offices of Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Marcy Kaptur at 200 West Erie Ave., Lorain, OH, to urge them to live under the Affordable Care Act (also known as ACA or ObamaCare) which the two have been so eager to promote!

Every resident in Lorain County is required BY LAW to obtain an ACA-compliant healthcare plan and failure to do so will result in fines and penalties. The ObamaCare law even requires that members of Congress and their staff be put into an exchange without a subsidy. However, Sen. Brown and Rep. Kaptur and all of their staff are enjoying this subsidy by calling themselves a small business. Citizens across the nation have grown tired of Congress using trickery to exempt themselves from the law, especially a law as unpopular and harmful as ObamaCare.

Time and again, we were told that the effect of ObamaCare would be more coverage and lower premiums. We were told the ACA would increase choice and competition among health care providers. We were told that Congress would live under the same rules as the rest of us.  But when our healthcare costs went up and our choices went down, Sen. Brown and Rep. Kaptur bailed!

Instead, not only are the citizens of Lorain County struggling with the higher costs of ObamaCare, we are subsidizing those in Congress to AVOID ObamaCare!

If it’s good enough for Americans, it’s good enough for Congress!

Join us on Wednesday, June 17th at 12:00 pm at 200 West Erie Ave., Lorain, OH, to protest this Congressional exemption from Obamacare. Email Kathy Fritsch for more information:

Matt Lynch Repeats Run For Congress

Matt Lynch, former Ohio Representative and 2014 GOP candidate in the OH-14 primary, is challenging incumbent David Joyce for the second time. Of all the grassroots challenges to establishment Congressmen, Lynch’s race was the closest in Ohio and one of the closest in the nation. This morning, he announced his intentions on his website,, and on the Bob Frantz Authority on 1420AM.

Out of the 50,000 votes cast in the 14th district primary, which extends from Ashtabula through Lake counties then south to include parts of Summit, Lynch lost by 5,000. In 2014, however, Lynch’s entry into the race didn’t occur until the end of the year. By announcing in the summer, Lynch will have more time to build an organization and reach more voters with an argument for true conservative representation in Washington DC.

As a state representative, Lynch proved that he would not be a “yes man” for those in power. Matt Lynch challenged Gov. John Kasich over the issue of taking federal money to support Medicaid Expansion. The Ohio House ended up voting against Medicaid Expansion, but then Lynch took it one step further by joining a only a handful of other conservatives by actually suing the governor for implementing it anyway through executive action. (Article from MediaTrackers). Lynch also has taken arrows for voting against Kasich’s budget, and we have every expectation that he would stand up to the progressive overreach in Washington DC whether it be promoted by Democrats OR Republicans.

Lorain County is not in the 14th Congressional district, but Lynch did speak to our group in April (read about it here). His political philosophy is completely consistent with that of many grassroot conservative groups: a government that is limited in its own power while protecting the natural rights of its citizens. Many Republicans, including the incumbent David Joyce as well as Governor John Kasich, will say they agree with this philosophy. Their decisions in office, however, do not always match their words. Matt Lynch will be a force for change, a necessary change, in Congress.